Why the Mysterious Dragon Ball Tour?!

Copyright of Toei Animation


Today Toei Animation announced a Dragon Ball Tour across North America. I quickly went to find info on such as to why this would be taking place. I can only think that they want to have this tour across america before having a worldwide Dragon Ball Super The Movie release in theaters. Makes since right?

Well, going to the website for the tour didn’t yield much. The site is still being filled out as we speak and the trailer they provide with a few visuals is very vague. A couple of the sponsors are big toy and figurine makers (Tamashi Nations). That gives us some insight, but are they doing their own convention or expo? Is Dragon Ball really big enough to fill out something like that?

There are seven stops with only one being named in San Diego as the first stop. The San Diego stop doesn’t have an official date except July 2018. San Diego Comic-Con is around in July hmmmmm… In the trailer we see Goku fly around the Statue of Liberty, we can assume a stop will be in New York City. That’s all Toei is giving out.  Stay tuned and on the look out for more info.


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