Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Game Release!!


Does anyone play Fate Grand Order on their cellphone the really good rpg cellphone game? Well, Crunchyroll just may have ruined that for you. Just within the last couple days they finally dropped the mobile game to the really great anime, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”

If you’ve never seen the anime or the spinoff that shows the other angle of the show. Please do so before you play the game. But if you haven’t and don’t want to that’s no problem too. The game is just as much about the story, clothing, and voice acting as it is about game play.

Most people that are privy to Crunchyroll and the show registered early for the game. Trust me it was worth it as it comes with some heavy perks. Shorten for Dan-MachiMEMORIA FREESE Memoria Freese is owned by Ellation which is the parent company of Crunchyroll. Just upon entering the game it blasts you with crisp sounding anime tunes from the show. That let’s people know right away that there is great sounding voice acting and more songs to come in the game. The cut scenes are awesome. You can tell if you play Fate Grand Order somethings are heavily influenced from that game.


So far I like this game much much better. It involves you more into the world of the game and of the anime. It’s more than just getting good cards, you’ll have to really keep battling to level up your team, assist cards and find good equipment. The best bet is to get in now with all the added perks. You start off with Bell Cranel of course, but after you go through the tutorial, you need to get that first spin of cards or Gacha. Right off the bat I recived Finn and I just knew I’d tear stuff up. Tidbit Video

It’s a great game so far and there’s even more stuff in the settings. People linking up with your overall characters and what not. It allows you to transfer to any device with no mishaps. There’s a section where you can read about the story more. Even an audio section that you can use to set alarms on your mobile device using the games character voices.

Check it out and I’ll see you in Orario.

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