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Who would have thought that 50 years later we would see a masterpiece from a relic such as Mazinger Z? Mazinger Z: INFINITY had a nationwide showing Feb. 11 & 12th. The film was presented by Fathom Events in conjunction with Viz Media and Toei Animation. Directed by Junji Shimizu and written by Go Nagai and Takahiro Ozawa. This movie is a shocking surprise for it to be part 3D Animation.

Fans can see that for the 50th Anniversary of the Mazinger franchise that Toei Animation spared no expense. This movie blends perfectly with 2D and 3D animation. Typically, this method doesn’t work but it’s beautiful in this film. It’s paired with some of that 80s classic art style, but also invokes new art themes too. The colors are vibrant and pop out at you. It makes old fans of the franchise reminisce and brings new fans into the fold. The action is great with the giant robots, especially the classic way that combatants call out attacks or moves to perform them.

Mazinger Z-1972

This film brings in some top talent in the voice acting anime world. Shotaro Morikubo who portrays our leading hero Koji Kabuto; is also most well-known for portraying Shikamaru Nara in all the properties of Naruto. You can also find him in many other animes such as: Excel Saga, Cyborg 009, Mega Man and The Prince of Tennis. Ai Kayano voices Sayaka Yumi the female lead of the movie. She has voiced roles in: Durarara, Detective Conan, Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne, Girls und Panzer, Anohana, Ghost in the Shell Arise, and Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma. Top shelf cast indeed.

Koji Kabuto

INFINITY takes place 10 years after our hero defeated Dr. Hell and his Underground Empire of mechanical Kaiju. (Mech Monsters). Koji defeated Dr. Hell piloting his mech robot Manzinger Z. War is over and peace has been around longer than anyone can remember. Our heroes are now working to advance the use/purpose of photon energy on earth. While doing so they happen upon a very large Manzinger and a girl inside. What is this mech and who is this girl? The mech can either bring heaven or hell for everyone. Koji must choose what to do as the Underground Empire and Dr. Hell reappear and things turn upside down. Fans old and new will be very pleased with the movie.

Here at Anime Pad we give it five stars out of five.

Five Stars


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