Gintama LiveAction Review


Oh, boy!! So Anime Pad went to see the Gintama Movie and we were blown away. This movie was the complete embodiment of Gintama. There wasn’t a dull moment.

First, off the movie looked beautiful, crisp, clean, super in depth scenes. I’m not sure I’ve seen a more beautiful shot movie. The costumes were spot on, perfect, even Elizabeth as this big giant mascot still looked appropriate in the movie. They didn’t try and make this a realistic movie they left it just like the anime but in a big time live-action production.

The acting is top notch. Did I say top notch? I meant TOP NOTCH. Especially with our lead actor Shun Oguri portraying Gintoki Sakata to the MAX. Shun has played some pretty eccentric characters before, so he’s no slouch. This role though he plays perfectly, even down to the known facial expressions Gintoki is known to portray. The comedy is so random and the homage to other animes is straight out of the animated show.

We are lucky to have even seen this in America. I feel great about this one night opportunity and hope it happens more and more. Attendance was very low a hand-ful of people at my location, but that was expected. If you love the anime, you for sure need to see this film. I’m not too sure how you can go about that besides importing the movie. It’s great, Shun-kun is awesome, and if part 2 or the second film is true I look forward to that too.

Thank you Azoland Pictures

Five Stars

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