Keijo!!!!! Ladies Using Their Natural Weapons


Out of better judgement I watched Keijo!!! This anime is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever watched lol. It sits on the  borderline between an anime and hentai. It’s for sure a ecchi anime. Once you get past all the boobs, butts, wedgies, and tickles it has good aspects of anime.

It has great elements of a shonen anime. Characters training powering up and then using powers and stuff. Even paying homage to some video games and anime. The “Shoryucans,” move with is a boob uppercut much like in Street Fighter. Kazane Aoba was like a Gilgamesh character from the Fate anime series. They had some nice round characters, that had good growth. I was shocked that it was only one short season.


12 episodes is all you get and the show wraps up well. I would like another season to show some of the girls in the pros for another 12 episodes. At least Kaminashi, Nozomi and Miyata, Sayaka since they wind up in the same block and stage. That would be great and technically Kaminashi didn’t have a fare fight with Maya. I need another match between those two. I enjoyed it for what it was, “Only on the Land.”

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