Kamen Rider Cross-Z


Spoilers!! I’ve written about this in my earlier post about Kamen Rider Build. Finally, we get to see what I was harping about all that time. We see why Build wouldn’t make the driver for Ryuga Banjou and we see why the Cross-Z Dragon wouldn’t except him.

Two things had to happen:

  1. He had to prove to Sento Kiryu that he was dedicated to saving lives instead of just his own. If you think, it really goes hand to hand. If he stays with saving lives and figuring things out with Sento he’ll clear his name too. Ryuga’s attitude is so bad though, that he couldn’t see it.

     2. He had to move on with his life. Simply put he was holding on to somebody that was gone. It was almost as if somehow, he was going to get her back. Letting her go finally calmed some of his temper too.



Now, he’s still super cocky and over the top sometimes but he’s a good fighter. For a minute, I thought they were going to share one driver. We see though Sento finally made two drivers and now Kamen Rider Build is more formidable. I would love for Ryuga to be able to use other Fullbottles than the dragon. I can’t wait for them to start cracking down on Faust and crew.

I’m lost again though I’m not sure where the story is going from here with the brains and body being separated in Faust. Then the Nanba Heavy Industries twist seems predictable, but there must be more behind Jusaburo Nanba. We shall see and like always thanks TV-Nihon.


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