Kyuranger Coming to a Good Close?


Is it just me or are they really dragging out Uchu Sentai Kyuuranger. I mean come on, they amassed 12-13 rangers and 3-4 zords, 2-3 ships. This villain should be dead and buried. They even had to time travel, come on. Lucky has super mode Shishi Red Orion, which is very similar to Kamen Rider Gaim’s Kiwami Arms transformation. Jark Matter shouldn’t even be able to stand on one leg anymore.

Now, I can understand that they haven’t gotten to the real Don Armage. Fine! In Super Sentai you pre-fight the boss, then he runs off. Then you really fight the boss and he trashes you, you come back down the road. Typically, when the Rangers come back they’ve done some training, mastered a new form, or found a power-up. Then the boss fight happens, well when are we going to get to that.

They’ve done 98% of this and still haven’t even really met the boss and they just now found out where he’s hiding. I’m highly concerned for this season’s ending. I thought this season was rocking the socks off me, certainly after the sub-par last season of Super Sentai. The closer and closer it gets to the end of this season though man. Hopefully, my speculation is just me jumping the gun and they wrap this season up well.

As usual Thank You to Tv-Nihon

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