Here’s My Fall 2017 Viewing List!!


So yeah, it’s the middle of the fall season of anime. I’ve surveyed the animes that are currently out and at least tried one of two episodes. The ones I find most interesting I view first in their entirety and the others I might come back to view. Initially, I thought Fall would be huge, although not very many blockbuster animes were announced. Here’s my run down.


  1. Blood Blockade Battlefront– This is the second season of this show. The first season’s story was just all over the place and the way they told the story was just too rapid. It started off well then, the middle got tiresome. I stopped watching and threw it on the back-burner. I came back to it late in the Spring 2017 and finished the end of the season which was much better. Now, this second season is soooo much better, it looks like they took some notes from the fans or me. It’s written better at this point, and giving us backstory on the first season. Lol, it makes sense in this anime though. I love the characters, and the thoughts that enter my head are being answered on screen before I know it.


2) Black Clover– The newest and best Shonen anime in a while lol. This anime was really being pushed by Crunchyroll. Understandable because they have the rights to it and so far, I love it. Some people are squabbling that it’s a remake of Naruto or too similar. I say watch the show it’s early and already the protagonist is hugely at a disadvantage. Asta does do a lot of screaming, but what Shonen character didn’t have a slightly annoying quirk? I’m really excited for this project.





3) The Ancient Magus’ Bride– So I felt like I wasn’t on top of my game having anything to do with this show. They have a hugely successful movie, and people went ape nuts over it. Huge at cons, and I met the mangaka Kore Yamazaki for the show. Pictures weren’t allowed of her but, hey great experience. So, I never really considered the manga or show until I met her. I realized this thing was wildly popular and then they release an anime. I realized quickly this is a Spirited Away Hayao Miyazaki, type level and feel anime. I’m impressed and somewhat embarrassed that I slept on it.





4) Juni Taisen: Zodiac War– At first, I didn’t have any clue what this show was about. The show just throws you into the show immediately both action and story. Every other episode is told through the eyes of each participant along with their backstory. I’m enjoying the show now, it’s not one of those complex shows. It’s a watch and be entertained.








5) Food Wars! The Third Plate– Yes, sir Shonen style with food cook-offs Iron Chef as anime. Yes, indeed and the way they describe food and cooking styles. Makes me want to try the food or cook the way they do. Lol, I love the characters though and all their stories.






pics Blend

6) Blend-S– Yes, a maid cafe anime again. When’s the last time you seen one of these? I’m not sure either the show is cool and the main character the lovely sadist maid, Maika. She’s perfect in her maid role, because she has this quirk of looking evil or mean by default. Lol, it’s a cute interesting show.






7) Finally, this is my throw away anime. It’s a you don’t have to see it and it’s not changing the landscape of anime. It’s fun to watch though when you need some relaxing entertainment to watch. Recovery of an MMO Junkie. I’m interested in what happened to Morioka Moriko on her job and why she decided to become a NEET!!


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  1. Pretty solid list – says one of the guys who only sees Black Clover as a Naruto rip off lol. All kidding aside though I guess I’ll have to give Blood Blockade Battlefront another chance. So much was happening in the first episode I just couldn’t handle it xD. I am absolutely loving The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Recovery of an MMO Junkie though.

    How much does Zodiac Wars actually focus on the Chinese Zodiac though? I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten into this show yet, but something about it is keeping me away. I almost feel like I’m worried it’s just going to be comparing all the characters to their respective animals or something. Idk _ /10?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but Zodiac Wars focuses a ton actually. It also takes in the human element and personality of each character though. If you haven’t finished the show yet, please do so. It is well worth the viewing all the way to the end. The anticipation of watching and waiting week to week was leaving me in suspense. Bingeing is okay too. 7/10

      Don’t sleep on Black Clover too, it’s soo much more than you think. Keep coming back and replying!! Thanks!!

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