Kamen Rider Build Thus Far….


Kamen Rider Build the twenty-eighth Rider series is into the secondary portion of the series. The story is finally building up well, although I’m not completely on the band wagon. I’m really thinking that this will be a throw-away season for Kamen Rider and I’m not too happy about that after the brilliance that was Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. SPOILERS 

We already have a main boss and a sub-boss that has his own agenda. The undermining of his boss is odd, but very intriguing. We know the main boss’s identity, but is he really the main boss or just the boss in the day to day operations of the company. I wonder more and more.

If you have what we think is the boss and sub-boss then by now we should have Build’s 2nd Rider or his buddy Rider. I’m thinking that he would be Ryuga Banjo, with his ability to use the Fullbottles and the robotic dragon that looks like a driver. I would think they would make that happen immediately, because that would change the complexity of the show for me. I’m just looking for them to come out with more info on the show overall.

I’m not too sure about the plot yet. I know they want to bring down Faust and figure out Pandora’s Box. That way they can bring Japan back together. It just seems like the plot can go into many different directions and every episode isn’t giving us much. I mean it was four or five episodes before we knew who the coffee guy and girl were.

Once Build can get some help this show will flow a lot better. Having Banjo is good, but without full Rider capabilities he’s a handicap too. He’s always with Sento Kiryu in the thick of battle with a Smash or the Faust Riders. Even the score up, get him a driver.


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