The First of Many for Crunchyroll


Hey everyone if you didn’t get a chance yet head over to my youtube page Express Team Wave for some of my Crunchyroll Expo 2017 videos. We had a great time here at Anime Pad at the con. All of the fans and attendees had a great time and the location was great too. It was a big huge con with a small con feel. They were sooo impressed with the level of the con for the first year. I talked with many fans and many of the staff at Crunchyroll; they really have everyone in mind.

Every panel was exceptional and the show room floor was awesome too. Even the Dragonball Super Scavenger Hunt was fun for fans. You could see them running from certain areas of the con to solve puzzles to get the final prize. All ages, sizes, race, and gender. The Art room had superb Final Fantasy art and the artwork of Hunter X Hunter. We’re talking scenes that showed the transition from pencil, ink, background, cel, and then animation.

Albert Kao (Aniplex of America, Fate Grand Order Mobile Game Localization Producer) and I

I love the mobile game Fate/Grand Order and I was having an incredible time getting the hang of it. But Aniplex of America let me hangout with them and personally taught me how to play the game lol. I’m talking tips and everything, and guess what I’m dope at the game now. I couldn’t believe how bad I was at the game, and I even gave them some tips on how others felt about the game. I’m now seeing some of those discussions being implemented in the product and promotion of the game. Awesome.


At the end of the con Crunchyroll’s Director of Entertainment held a Q & A for how attendees felt. I attended this meeting too, just to see what concerns there might be. The only concern was to get an updated badge system with names or barcodes on them. That was the only concern for the massively successful convention they put on. I was very thrilled for the time I spent at the con and I’m ready for next year already.


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