Gohan Is Back!


Oh, boy!! All spoilers!! Are you caught up in Dragonball Super? You better be! If you still have the bitter taste of how they treated the character Gohan in Dragonball Z after the Cell and Buu Saga. Well heeeeee’sssss Baaaccckkk!! Gohan realized how weak he was versus Frieza in the beginning of Dragonball Super. I mean he couldn’t protect anyone if Goku and Vegeta were away. He almost died, Gohan has never come that close to death. Goku and Vegeta show up though and save the day.

Really, though if you look at Gohan at this stage in his life. He’s super smart and he’s trying to make a living for his family. Dude you’re have alien for crying out loud. You married Videl and have one daughter. Videl’s dad happens to be the richest guy on the planet right next to Bulma. Really, why do you need money or a super elite career?

Mr. Satan

Well, the situation of Earth being all peaceful is over thanks to Goku and Vegeta getting involved with the gods. It’s time to step up Gohan, so he starts training again. He’s basically starting from nothing. He’s lost muscles, power levels, warrior instinct, strength, and then still hasn’t overcome the one crutch even Goku finally overcame. The ability to not take an opponent lightly and utterly crush them. Like father like son they say huh, Son Gohan?

gods of Different Universes

In his bouts of training each person he trains with he opens one of the keys to getting back to that hint hint form he had when he fought Buu. Goku takes him on one of the Universal tournament trips and he tests his ability for the first time in a long time. He doesn’t do very well. More training is needed.  Even Krillin basically out smarts him and takes him out. To which Goku looks on and basically shakes his head, like that’s your level now?


So, stepdad of the universe, Piccolo is like hey let’s go off like in the old days and train. I’m talking we’re going back to ’97 Dragonball Z training. Living in the wilderness and living off the land training. You must remember Saiyans get a Zenkai Boost when taken to their limit, almost to death. Piccolo is thrashing Gohan the entire time, and gets him to Super Saiyan Two, then Piccolo whoops him again. Gohan then goes Mystic/Ultimate, boom we’re back to where he last was.  We get this pause then and Piccolo let’s two of the biggest cats out of the bag.

One, Gohan hasn’t finished an opponent in a long-time. The more power he gets the cockier he gets, it’s something akin to what Goku does. They never outright finish people, either too nice or too cocky. When you have your foot on the throat crush them completely. Two, Piccolo tells him you should be able to move to the next level like everyone else. We’ve seen Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks attain God level and if not God level it’s something unique to their ability.

Ultimate Gohan vs. Super Buu with absorbed Gotenks

What is this level that Gohan can achieve? I’d hope that it’s not just another God level Super Saiyan. While cool, I’d think there’d be something more unique to him. If Mystic/Ultimate is better than him going Super Saiyan, then there must be a better level than Super Saiyan God mode for me. That’s what I’m wishing for, but if not I’m just happy he’s BACK!!


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