Princess Mononoke 20th Anniversary


Hey, everyone here again for another anime movie review. It’s another Hayao Miyazaki film and another anniversary. This time it’s Princess Mononoke with their 20th Anniversary. This is one of the older films by Miyazaki, but yet is still beautiful looking even for our time now.

This movie is majorly about Humans vs. Nature, and then the characters that move this movie along. It starts with a boy prince Ashitaka that kills a boar god that has turned into a demon. In the battle the demon harms him and leaves a demonic print on him. He is told eventually the print will kill him, so he goes to find the cure. His journey places him in a 3-way war between The Forest gods, Lady Eboshi/Iron Mountain, and a samurai clan trying to take over as Emperor.

Later, he finds a girl named San that has been raised by the wolf gods. At first enemies they later band together to save the forest. More problems and variables arrive and the task for them becomes bigger. Together they must eventually save human-kind and the world.

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