The Berserk Anime Continuation


Finally, it’s been 19 years since the original television anime, and then three movies that covered about the same material from the Kentarou Miura manga. We have the continuation Berserk now and it’s amazing at times and not great. I continue to read the manga of Berserk and I salivate at what the anime could look like visually. The story is super deep, the characters are super deep and I want more and more.

Now, when I saw the trailer and eventually the first episode for the anime I was a little torn. Shin Itagaki is the director for the anime and he’s well-known in the industry as a director and for key animation. Such anime projects like: Chobits, Desert Punk, Devil May Cry, Fullmetal Alchemist, and  Inuyasha. So I expected some really great animation. What I got was good animation mixed with the 3D cell shading animation. I personally hate the cell shading on almost any show. It mostly took place in the action scenes with Guts and a major monster or demon. I’m not sure if they were trying to cut corners or make the show cheaper to produce.

Overall, though they follow the manga almost to the T. Which makes the story superb and the way it’s supposed to be. Spoiler section, so the season ends after the confrontation of the demon angels and the high priest. A great section to end the season with 12 episodes. It leaves you satisfied, thinking, and asking for more in the next season. Finally at the end of the show they say the show returns this spring. So very soon!! I’m happy I get to see the story animated and continuing, but the animation itself sometimes leaves me wanting more. If you watched any of the previous entities of Berserk, you have to watch this one too. Catch it on Here!


More info on Berserk Click Here!

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