Digimon Returns to Theatres


Digimon is an anime (Japanese Animation) television show, that came to life in 1999, and resembled Pokemon. The show is about the life of eight pre-teens: Tai, Matt, Izzy, Joe, T.K., Kari, Sora and Mimi that can see digital monsters and fall into the, “Digital World.” In the Digital World are many monsters and problems. The eight children are destined to fix the Digital World with the help of their own digital monster (Digimon). Through working together, going through trials and believing in their own selves; they grow/evolve and so to do their Digimon.

After two seasons and a theatrical movie in 2000 titled: Digimon: The Movie. The show moves on from this group to many more seasons and many more different groups of human helpers of the Digital World. Now, 2016 with the US English Dubbed release of part one of a theatrical trilogy titled: Digimon Adventure Tri. 1: Reunion. The director is Keitaro Motonaga, other notable animes he’s worked on are: Jormungand, Date a Live, and Get Backers. He does very well with many characters and allowing viewers to see the character development. There are a team of writers on this film many of which have a ton of work on various animes and adaptation work to the US market. The studios producing the film are Toei Animation (Japan) and Studiopolis (United States). Fathom Events is responsible for presenting the movie in theatres.

The biggest compliment to this film is the fact that 90% of the original voice acting cast reprised their roles. Even the new comers sound so close to the originals that it didn’t matter. T.K. (Johnny Yong Bosch), who happens to be Adam from Power Rangers Second and Third season. He’s also done the voices of Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Orga Itsuka(Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) and Artemis (Sailor Moon Crystal). Joe Kido (Robbie Daymond) he’s also voiced Lenka Utsugi (God Eater) and Mumen Rider (One Punch Man). Matt Ishida (Vic Mignogna) he’s voiced rolls as: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Broly (Dragonball Z), and Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek Continues). Johnny and Robbie happen to both be originally born in Missouri, and Robbie being raised his first 12 years in Chesterfield, MO. Robbie Daymond Interview with my partner Sam Coleman.

The film starts with some foreshadowing, images of some of the digidestined in peril. The film doesn’t let us know which characters or what’s really happening, but something is amiss about the viewings. Then boom we’re introduced to the original eight digidestined and what they are up to now. They’ve all changed and the interactions between them are greatly different. The film is greatly character building driven, a slice of life type atmosphere. My only problem with the film is the lighting in the fight scenes. If you’ve watched a ton of anime, it’s very recognizable and it takes a ton of detail out of the film. In the Japanese version it’s totally different lighting and you see every detail of the fights. So boom an infected digimon appears and the digidestined are back on the mission to save our world. Overall, a great film if you want the nostalgic feelings of Digimon and want to see how the team fares.

Here are some viewers from the event.

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